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We are the publishing house Divertino LTD., the creators of the Curious Panda ™ – a European brand for educational activity books with games. The brand was established in 2019 and quickly gained popularity for books that involve both writing and drawing. They are preferred by children due to their playful elements and beloved characters. Highly appreciated by both parents and teachers for their educational benefits and the new knowledge they provide, tailored to children’s age and development.

The series „Teach Little Hand to Write“ becomes a child’s first companion when they first encounter writing letters and numbers. In all our books, writing is combined with numerous games, fun mazes, and logical puzzles that encourage children to learn through play.

Divertino LTD. offers book printing services in Europe for co-edition projects with competitive prices and fast deliveries. We also provide the option to purchase rights. Please explore our catalog and come in contact with us at: dl@curiouspanda.eu.


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